Raamish Nightmares

On to road to Nibenay & Fort Isis


  • On the road to Nibenay in a fast-moving Wavir caravan, led by Netraj
  • Turzek disappears mid-confrontation about the lifeshapes, Garnath appears in his stead
  • A silt storm kicks up, we are separated from the caravan and they disappear into the storm
  • We avoided some silt runners only to run into a pack of Thri-Kreen. Arom misidentifies them as mutants and leads an attack. He was wrong, but it turns out they were jackass marauders anyway.
  • We make it to Fort Isis
  • Arom’s friend Corla mentions a large pack of kreen have been harrying caravans, our trouncing of a few of them earns us favor and a reward:
  • Corla gives us an ornate scroll case with 4 sheets in it
    some sheets appear to be spells, others encoded messages or notes
    all are in elven script, and the case looks to be of elven manufacture
  • Arom received the gift and handed it to Ni’Ru to examine.
  • Travelled from Fort Isus,
  • Approached the gates of a Nibenese fort before the city.


Raddu Raddu

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