Raamish Nightmares

Nibenay AOK

The group arrives at Nibenay

It is the 32nd day of the Quinth


  • We modified healing, initiative, and introduced the concept of Renown


  • Arom and Jotano are outside Nibenay
  • Garnath and Andor have made it to Nibenay, but got separated quickly
  • Andor leaves a message for Arom with Tallum Usel, the man that runs the Wavir Emporium in Nibenay
  • Garnath runs in and out of the city, confused and alone
  • Andor traipses off to the woods ad meets a feral druid that mentions the vacant lair of a defiler nearby, containing a Tree of Life
  • It is the time of the Festival of Flowers in Nibenay, and a recent rain has left the city ablaze with color. People from all over the Tablelands are here.
  • Arom and Jotano visit the Wavir Emporium and leave a message with Tallum that they are lodging at the Prancing Kank
  • Jotano investigates the upcoming gladiatorial games, and finds Garnath in the process. The two discuss training to enter the tourney.
  • Andor receives Arom’s message about the Prancing Kank and meets the rest of the team there.
  • Arom and Jotano recount the tale of the last several days, but do not know what happened to Ni’Ru.
  • Andor gives Arom a dormant, corrupted secreter life shape for use in convincing people of the imminent doom.
  • Arom gives Andor the life shapes found in the cave with the Zik’Trin. He explains their use to the assembled in the private room in which the conversation is being held.

33rd day of the Quinth

  • Andor seeks an elven weapon craftsman to trade a bundle of blue agafari sticks with in exchange for daggers for the group.
  • Jotano and Garnath spar vigorously in a park,
  • Arom delivers Rogil’s package to Lohit the templar, it glows when the box is opened!
  • Arom mentions the corruption in Raam to the templar, and upon being threatened with the blame, offers false contact information and leaves.
  • Arom bribes Tallum at the Wavir Emporium to maintain the misdirection
  • Jotano goes in search of some sweet tang, returns with a pretty half-elf named Krysta
  • Krysta recites the names of favored gladiators in the upcoming games, but admits she does not pay close attention:
  • Narfel the Annihilator
  • Quaggo the Quick
    *A couple famous matched pairs <insert>
  • Jotano and Garnath decide their gladiatorial team name will be Bone & Stone. “Bone & Stone are here, things are about to change!”
  • We go off into the nearby woods in search of the defiler’s lair previously mentioned by the druid
  • We come upon a kirrei that ambushes us. It’s a lightning-fast fight and everyone was super brave ಠ_ಠ – we are victorious!
  • We make camp nearby and feast upon kiri steaks. As we doze a figure appears in the middle of our campsite!


Raddu themensch

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