Raamish Nightmares

January 26th, 2015

Let the Games Begin!

It is the 35th day of the Quinth

• Andor, Ni’Ru and Arom go to the elven market to see if anyone can help identify magical items, but they run into an old tribal enemy of Ni’Ru’s family and decide to leave
• Jotano wines and dines the beautiful half-elven woman Krysta, then departs to observe the arena Stone & Bone will be fighting in the following day
• Jotano discovers he and Garnath will be fighting Quagga the Quick and Narfeel the Annihilator
• Jotano plies a bookie for more information, and with the exchange of coin learns some of the weaknesses of his opponents in the arena

It is the 36th day of the Quinth

• The group gets to the arena early; Jotano and Garnath head to the gladiator pits to warm up while Andor, Ni’Ru and Arom head in to find good seats
• Arom is placed in charge of betting with the bookie and makes some small talk to get tips for good-paying matches

The games begin!

• The arena is huge – there are dozens of pairs fighting in rope circles as the fighting starts
• Stone and Bone are led to a dusty circle filled with wicked thorny bushes
• Stone and Bone handily defeat their enemies and the group collects
• While the group waits for the other matches, Ni’Ru and Arom acquire some modest coin from careless fools in the arena, some of which goes to Ni’Ru to acquire spell components to identify the quarterstaff siezed from the Zik’trin, the rest of which covers Arom’s vig
• Ni’Ru find the pearl he needs to identify the staff, then casts the spell privately

• We have a celebratory dinner, then go enjoy the parade
• Garnath runs into Ahad the druid, who insists he must speak with us all immediately, so we return to our room
• In our room, Ahad opens a sack to reveal a floating skull. Yeah, THAT floating skull.
• The floating skull is Niak, Ahad’s master and bearing the curse of the necromancer that made him this way. By cleaning the life tree, his bindings were released
• Niak tells the group that the necromancer is named Shekru, and that he likely works for or with the Sorcerer Kings
• Niak and Ahad argue over the contents of a satchel, inside which are some of the magical items recovered from the cleansed tree and surrounding area
• Ahad contends he was promised the contents of the satchel, but Niak reprimands him and eventually commands him to hand them over as he tries to flee with them
• Everyone picks up a magical goody except Jotano
• Niak tells us the Tree chose Garnath to bear its young to fruition, and we must travel beyond the Ringing Mountains in search of the eldest tree, Lool, in order to bless the seed and discover where it is to be planted
• Niak tells us Shekru has been searching for the Orbs of Kalid-Ma, ancient artifacts rumors to contain the power and essence of 5 dead Sorverer Kings. Regarded as legend by most, Shekru believes differently
• Kalid-Ma is the name of a Sorcerer King thought dead – or undead – in a ruined city far to the southwest named Kalidnay
• Niak mentions Zeberon of the Black Sands knows more about the spheres, but his reputation as a brutal warlord commanding a tribe of raiders convinces the group to avoid that area when they plan a route to Tyr and the Ringing Mountains beyond
• Niak is able to decipher the spell we received from Corla at Fort Isus, and is astonished to proclaim is is a powerful (5th level) spell named Rejuvenate
• The group makes plans to get Niak out of the city and head to Tyr via Fort Isus


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