Raamish Nightmares

January 12th, 2015

It is still the 33rd day of the Quinth

  • Ni’Ru ducks a zombie while looking for a way off the burning tree
  • Ahad is at the base of the tree, manipulating the fire somehow
  • Ni’Ru turns around and engages the zombie and eventually kills it. He then proceeds to search a hut.
  • Jotano rows the boat carrying the barely-breathing Garnath and Arom closer to the druid Ahad while Andor detoxifies and stabilized Garnath with Life Shapes
  • Andor runs back up the tree to pilfer the just-vacated study
  • Andor climbs on the roof of the study and sets it on fire, and the undead creature inside grabs several arcane items from the shelves before fleeing
  • Andor loots what’s left
  • Andor chases the undead creature as it enters another hut
  • Andor rains down fire on the hut while the creature grabs things from the room.
  • The creature emerges with a backpack of loot with a skeletal snake following close behind, Ni’Ru and Andor spot them
  • Ni’Ru ignites the path in front of them while Andor swoops down to grab the backpack from the undead creature, but Andor just tackles the creature and they plunge into the water below
  • Garnath drops off Arom and Jotano to chase the escaping figure, then rows back to help Andor and Ni’Ru
  • The undead creatures shakes off Andor and sinks to the bottom of the lake with his backpack
  • Ni’Ru points a magical bone Andor found in the study at the undead snake creature and comands it to stop, which it does
  • Jotano catches the escapee, an apprentice defiler, and charges
  • Arom buries a dagger in the apprentice’s back and Jotano axes him, but he shrugs it off and casts a spell of invisibility
  • Arom tracks the apprentice until the apprentice fires a fireball at Arom and Jotano, it takes Jotano down and severely injures Arom
  • Arom stabilizes Jotano and pursues the apprentice a bit but decides to return to Jotano
  • Andor, Garnath, and Ni’Ru tangle with the undead snake in the water, Garnath goes down
  • Andor throws the backpack he wrestled from the undead creature in the lake into the woods and the snake stops pursuing them and instead wraps itself around the backpack
  • We eventually meet up and rest and heal up
  • We make haste to leave the forest, stopping for a long rest at nightfall
    It is the 34th day of the Quinth
  • We are on the road back to Nibenay, and it’s overall uneventful and we arrive midday the following day
    It is the 35th day of the Quinth
  • We hole up in an inn
  • Jotano meets with Krysta
  • Ni’Ru recovers and sells his silk


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