Raamish Nightmares

December 17th, The Burning Tree of Life

It is the 33rd day of the Quinth. The group is camped in the Crescent Forest a day’s travel from Nibenay.
• Andor sees someone in our camp, a hooded figure covered in forest accoutrements – it’s Ahad, the druid of this forest
• The druid mentions the beast we killed, but seems to have little problem eating it. Andor rouses the group
• We follow Ahad further into the forest as he leads us to the Necromancer’s lair
• The forest yields to Ahad like a bubble through water, but we have a difficult go of it
• A dust storm rolls in, which combined with the damp forest air makes for an unpleasant muck clinging to everything
• A mote of light appears and follows us, watching us
• Mote seems to be heading towards the Necromancer’s abode
• The mote pulses as we near and undead appear. We re-dead them
• The mote escapes the fight, and Garnath is badly injured
• Andor applies a healing life shape to Garnath as the rest burn the bodies of the undead
• As we approach the Necromancer’s lair, the air becomes still and deathly quiet
• We emerge into a clearing, wherein there is a pong with an island. On the island there is a giant, inhabited tree with buildings and walkways affixed to it
• The inhabitants of the tree are impossibly thin humanoids
• Ni’Ru sends his owl to get a closer look and sees the mote of light near a floating, disembodied skull that’s engulfed in green flame
• We race across a bridge over brackish water to the island and try to take cover in a nearby hut
• We surprise two nasty creatures in the hut and a fight ensues
• Brilliantly, we start the hut and thus the tree on fire, but we are victorious
• We leap down from the room and onto a platform and face a number of skeletons. The hut above collapses from fire and lights the platform upon which we are standing
• The flaming skull attacks, and mentions it is bound by the Necromancer but does not wish to be there. However, it is compelled to attack interlopers
• Ni’Ru fells the skull temporarily with an arrow, and we rush away from the fire into another hut to run into zombies. Arom stays behind to try to keep the fire from spreading
• We defeat the zombies and try to fight the fire, but it’s a lost cause, the tree is burning
• We eventually make it to a nicer, 2-story hut, incidentally filled with zombies that we kill
• Upstairs a figure sits slumped over a table, protected by a magical ward. A chitinous suit of armor stands guard against the wall
• Ni’Ru shoots the suit of armor with an arrow, and it advances and wakes the figure on the table. Both approach and open a can of whoops
• We manage not to burn the place down
• Garnath goes down fighting the creatures, and Ni’Ru quickly drags him to a trapdoor that leads down to the lake…60 feet below. Arom, Andor, and Jotano are climbing down the rope as Ni’Ru rolls Garnath through the hole to plummet to his doom
• Doom was not on the menu this evening, as fortune smiles upon the unconscious barbarian! A low-hanging, soft branch catches Garnath and gently deposits him in the boat at the end of the rope form above
• Ni’Ru chooses another exit to draw off the enemies and spots another figure rowing away from the island on the other side


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