Raamish Nightmares

Dark Sun session 1 recap

The first part of the session was people making characters and coming up with some tie ins between characters as well as figure out ideals/flaws/bonds.

The party, so far is made up of Arom Tinz, a human agent of House M’ke, Ka’sed a Water Seeker thri-kreen who takes care for a lone thri-kreen egg he possesses; Kwasi, a mul warrior who seems to have a small child grafted to his forearm; and Andor a strange halfling druid.

The party found themselves waking from a nightmare, all together in small area in some rocky badlands. Their equipment was strewn about in the darkness of the late night. It was a strange situation for sure, but not the first time this had happened.

Some months ago this happened to all of you. You awoke in the night with near 30 other individuals, but within moments of waking you blacked out again and awoke alone. You each made your way back home, barely. Since then you’ve all been plagued with nighmares of a strange organic building that seeped unnatural liquids. You make your way through this buildling only to find more rooms with unknown purposes and corridors of indeterminate length.

This time was different, for Arom, Ka’sed, Kwasi, and Andor didn’t blackout again. The group briefly was at odds in this strange situation, but also realized that they had seen each other, first in the strange blackout months before and then for some, in daily life near and the city-state of Raam. From the stars Andor determined that they were some distance west of the Crescent Forest and near the area known as the Black Sands. The party decided to head west as Ablath and Silver Spring were each about a days journey and the closest settlements.

Before much more could be sorted out howls could be heard in the distance. Ka’sed left to scout and determined where the sound was coming from and found a defensible location. Andor recognized the howls and called them owned by jhakar. Smallish aggressive beasts of a reptilian nature who hunt in packs. The group quickly found common purpose and made their way to the defensible rock formation Ka’sed found.

From there they awaited the arrival of the jhakar. In the mean time Arom and Kwasi set traps for the beasts and the rest of the party climbed the rocks and laid in wait.

The battle was short and of little consequence for the seasoned athasians.

Travel to Silver Spring
Red eyed, greay skinned, big headed halfling

After resting for a few hours the group decided to reconnoiter the original site where they appeared at in the light of the day. As they did Ka’sed began fading from existence and seemed to blow away as a strong breeze came through. In addition to blowing away Ka’sed the breeze left another in the thri-kreen’s place.

A large half-giant with ever flowing robes materialized as Ka’sed had disappeared. This half-giant, like the others was present during their first blackout and similarly had been having the nightmares.

Agreeing to stick together the group headed west, toward civilization. It was decided to head toward Silver Spring, as it was closer to Raam. They came upon a recently picked over pile of elf bones and saw a number of kes’trekel circling ahead of them.

Approaching the circling psionic vultures the group saw a strange fully robe halfling sized creaturing cradling the body of an elf. As they approach the creature fled, but the half-giant, Turok followed and was able to keep up with it.

Cornering it, the creature knew it could not flee. In speaking with it in elvish, the party learned that it was somehow part of an elf tribe. Apparently the elf tribe was heading to Silver Spring and had left it’s dead compatriot who had been bitten by a sand viper and could no longer run. The party asked it to reveal itself and when it did they saw a strange red eyed, grey skinned creature. It explained that it was a halfling and had a rare psionic malady.

The party agreed to travel with the odd creature to Silver Spring to meet its tribe. Once at the fortified oasis they escorted the creature, named Kelleso inside when they couldn’t find his tribe outside.

After dealing with some particularly rude guard, the party got in and some of the group went to the ale tent while Kelleso went to the oasis to drink while Kawasi followed him. Kawasi talked to Kelleso and they agreed to meet later so Kellesso could tell Kawasi some information about his psionic malady.

Back in the ale tent the party slaked their thirst. Shortly after an elf of the Silver Springs tribe introduced himself and informed the group that Torramund the tribes chief would like to see them. The party followed and met the chief.

It seems the chief was interested in the whereabouts of the Dune Walker tribe, the tribe the halfling said it was with. The party related the situation and after hearing the description of the creature the tribe arcanist identified it as a T’Chowb, a devious life drainer.

Immediately Torramund told the party to find the creature since they came in with it and either destroy it or turn it in, despite Arom’s blaming of the the tribes lackluster guards.

After some time searching and another victim the party was seraching the oasis tent by tent. Kawasi, psionically spoke with Kellesso and agreed (unknown to the party) to help it escape in exchange for knowledge. While Kawasi created a diversion involving a flaming torch and a stolen kank to which Arom joined in, Turok the half-giant and Andor saw a small form atop a tent next to the fortress wall, climbing up. With haste they ran toward the wall and threw spell and spear at it, but the diminutive creature made it over the wall. To catch it Turok attempted to throw ANdor over the wall, but only succeeded in smashing his little friend into the top of the wall.

The two kank riders rode out of the fortress in pursuit, while ANdor and Turok climbed the wall for a better view. Atop the wall they saw the creature running and Andor used the Moonbeam spell to burn it with radiant fire. To save itself it attempted to jump into a wagon, but the moonbeam followed it. Before long the T’Chowb was burnt to death by the Moonbeam.

Silver Spring elves saw the body and reported as such to the chief. It was agreed that the party would be outfitted with mounts for their service.

Exploring the Nightmare
Nightmare Kreen

Another nightmare, they seem to be getting more frequent now. Odd living buildings, strange egg-like pods and a feeling of wrongness.

This time however, it’s worse. When you wake up, you’re in the same place, a strange living room. Grey walls with strange veins surround you. There are no obvious exits, but two disturbing door size sphincters on opposite “walls”.

As you approach one it relaxes and opens, revealing a corridor. As you explore this strange living building you find one room with a strange cyst like bulge, about the size of a human and a living table with the outline of a human on it in one room. The cyst was cut open you find a small thri-kreen like creature, instead of hands it has scythe like arms. It’s barely alive, but one of you kllls it quickly.

As you explore more you find another room full of egg like sacks growing from the ground. They open up and sluglike creatures with whipping toungues and a carapace on their back squirm toward you. You retreat to the previous room and fight these strange creatures which whip you with their tongue and then pull their bodies toward you after grabbing on, biting with acid through your clothes.

After you destroy several of these and move into the egg room again there are other, stranger creatures that look like an insectoid dog that move quickly on 4 long scythelike legs and have two smaller legs sticking out from their abdomen. They are quicky, but fall to your blades and magic.

Moving through the egg room you come into another room with several of the cysts on the walls, these are large. In the middle of the room is a living table and someone throws the body of one of the squirming creatures and it becomes desiccated on the table and the cysts pulse with energy.

Terzek is annoyed with the party’s exploration and he makes his way to another room. He sees two more of the insectoid dog abominations, but they are as big as horses. He turns to run as he sees a large 12’ tall thri-kreen being operated on by a black carapaced thri-kreen.

Returning to the room the party has cut open the cysts and found to’ksa kreen within. As the large creatures follow Terzek in the room they are put down with surety, only to be followed by the 12’ tall kreen which has knobby, spikey carapace plates and 8" claws. It moves quickly and badly damages some of the party before being put down.

One of the 5 thri-kreen are taken with the party as they move to the room that held the black carapaced kreen, but it is no longer there. However, Andor finds several strange living items that he stores in a bag. In the next room there is odd insect food and meat.

Opening the only door, Terzek finds a wall of moist air that can’t be seen through. He steps into the fog on solild ground. As the rest of the party come to see what this is about they all black out, waking in what they soon find out is the filthy, vermin infested streets of Raam.

Arom Tinz knows Raam, it’s his home. After orienting himself he decides that a M’Ke safe house is best. He sets off with the group in tow and find a local safe-house, watched over by Elissan and M’Ke employee.

The party eats and tends to their wounds. They discuss what their plans for the future are.
Arom leaves to report to his superior Rogil M’Ke, heir to house M’ke. Rogil is amused by Aroms adventures and suggests that Astara Legar, another M’Ke agent may be able to help him, but Astara was going to leave for Fort Xalis soon.

The thri-kreen that the party brought with them, was unconscious for some time. Kik’sa watched over the kreen and when he awoke spoke with him. The kreen was unsure of where he was or where he had been. He spoke in an odd accent that Kik’Sa could not place.

His name was Ka’Sed and he knew nothing of cities. He told Kik’Sa of a place with tall grasses and thought that the northern kreen had kidnapped them, but little else.

Kwasi needed to speak with someone from the Psiumarkh and went and was invited to return the next day to speak with someone named Matrika.

Andor studied the strange life shaped objects he found to try and determine their use, but these items seemed odd.

City of Intrigue

The next morning the group decided to go to the market together. Terzek was worried he would be spotted by some Templars, who he was wanted by, but Arom told him Raam was the most populous city in the Tablelands and the chances of running into those specific templars was thin. So the half-giant gave in and they traveled to the bazaar.

Walking the bazaar Terzek saw a half-giant who was familiar to him. Garkom was a member of his tribe and the Air Cleric found out Garkom and his family had been kicked out of the tribe for questioning Chief Jaryx Drikrider. Terzek gave Garkom bread to give to his starving family and as the party neared Cherlimbe’s stall he promised to come back after he gave the bread to his family.

Arom took them to Cherlimbe’s stall, a place that sold herbs, which Andor needed to take care of the strange life shaped items. There Andor met Cherlimbe, an herb merchant and Notah, a halfling who seemed to know why Andor was purchasing certain herbs. Notah invited Andor to the Forest Leaf, a place frequented by halflings later in the evening.

Ka’Sed and Kik’Sa spoke about the dra cities. As they did, a large kreen shadow fell over them. The kreen turned and saw a 12’ tall kreen standing over them, this one did not have huge claws or a spikey carapace. It greeted them, but Kik’Sa was enraged and flew at the large kreen in anger shouting about kidnapping his clutch. The larger kreen was hardly bothered by the aggression of Kik’Sa, but the fierce attacks did not stop and the large kreen pulled the smaller kreen limb from limb in self defense.

After the small battle Ka’Sed spoke with this large kreen, who was known as Tik’Do’Dre. He said he was a Tohr’Kreen from the north and was here to spread knowledge to the Jeral and To’Ksa kreen of the Tablelands. Tik’Do"Dre said he was well traveled and he and Ka’Sed made plans to hunt and talk at the south gate at dusk.

Garkom, the half-giant, returned in a state of panic, saying that his wife and child were missing. It was determined that the party would help Terzek and his kin. Arom suggested they go to a slave market to see if they were sold there. Kwasi had to leave to meet Matrika at high-sun.

Kwasi found the Psiumarkh psionic school and learned that what’ the T’chowb had told him was correct, there was a psionic monastery in the Smoking Crowns owned by a group called the Brotherhood. Matrika advised against seeing the strange monastery. It was determined that Matrika could not help Kwasi with his strange psionic malady and suggested he seek out Maraxes, a Nawab/Warlord who often was surrounded by those knowledgeable in the Way.

Finding the elven slave market Arom found a contact of his, Giran, a brown elf. The elf had seen few half-giants and could not help the party. They determined they would investigate where the half-giants had been last seen.

Finding the shanti town and asking the inhabitants, they eventually met Fyrian, a half-elf orphan gang leader who gave them information for a few coins from Arom. Fyrian told them that a dwarf templar by the name of Bimal had rounded up the half-giants. Rumor had it that Abalach-Re was raising a half-giant army to crush the upcoming Nawab rebellion. And that they were being trained in a compound on the other side of Badna’s Heart, the mountain that the city of Raam was built upon.

Much of the day had passed and the party returned to the safe house. While most of the group ate, Kik’sa left to meet Tik’do’dre.

The two kreen spoke about the location of the Chak’sa and Tik’Do’Dre’s mission to help the kreen of the tablelands and the dre (sleepers/humans) who lived in the cities live in harmony. They then hunted together.

From there Ka’Sed searched Badna’s Heart, looking for the compound where the half-giants were kept, but had no luck. There were many fortified compounds outside of the city on the mountain side.

The next day the group decided to go and see Maraxes, as a Nawab he might have insight into the rumors of the half-giant army and Kwasi needed to speak with him. They found his home in the city and his seneschal suggested they go to the Nawabs compound outside the city.

They did so and after entering the compound they saw the Nawab holding “court” deciding on matters of peasants on his land.

Maraxes, Lord of Dhakara
Corruption of Life

As the party waited for the Lord of Dhakara to return to his “court” three of their number faded into nothingness. Figuring they had some time the remaining two member, Arom and Andor went outside to catch the breeze.

There they spoke of their plans and purpose for being here without Kwasi around. They decided to talk to Maraxes anyway to find out about the half-giants. The two were interuppted by Nesa, a Villichi envoy who sought out one of her own kind. She seemed to think the other members of the groups party might know something.

The Lord returned and the seneschal asked who desired to pay homage to the lord. After watching one regular pay homage, Arom followed suite on behalf of House M’ke, offering a bolt of silk to the lord. Arom spoke of the missing half-giants in front of the court. Maraxes went on about his loyalty to the queen and her foresight and wisdom, although it was not hard to determine he was being sarcastic. Maraxes changed the subject and the audience was soon over.

While they waited through more display’s of homage, they saw a small crowd around a particularly striking half-elf they later learned was named Kurt’Ta’All. This Fire Cleric told a story augmented by dancing flames as he revealed the death of his tribe at the hands of a maligned undead creature and his eventual rise and rebirth as a Fire Cleric. He said he still sought this found undead creature and sought to destroy it. The party said they would be on the lookout.

Once the formalities were over Maraxes wandered the hall and motioned for Arom and Andor to meet him outside, which they did. There they were introduced to Indraneel, a preist of many gods and sage. In the conversation they learned that a dwarf Nawab by the name of Urdun-Mor could be involved as he controls the arena, if the half-giants were to be used in the arena or need to be trained, he would know and his fortified compound was on the other side of Badnas Heart from the city. Secondly after divulging what they had seen in the living building they learned that Abalach-Re was rumored to have a similar building, where was unknown. Maraxes promised to dig up more information on the half-giants.

Before leaving they spoke with Nesa, the Villichi again. She said she knew of powers that would allow people to teleport long distances and through dreams, but had no experience with them. She said the Villichi Head-Mistress would know, but that the groups would likely not be able to meet her, although did not say why.

After returning to the city and putting on more suitable desert clothes the two decided to investigate Urdun-Mor’s compound. As they wandered through the city they avoided roving bands loyal to different Nawabs that fought openly in the streets. On their way out they came upon the Forest Leaf and decided to find Notah. They spoke with the halfling briefly agreeing to meet later to show him the odd life shaped items the had and set a meet.

Finally making it to Urdun-Mor’s compound Arom and Andor thought of ways to see inside. After a small fiasco involving the spider climb spell and acting as the agent of senior-templar
Gogh-En they were able to see inside and get a good layout of the compound for later use.

Returnig to the city they met with Notah at Cherlimbe’s apartment, which was well appointed for a simple herb merchant. Notah told them how odd the life shaped items were after looking at them. Andor mentioned their strange dreams and the odd kreen and other details, after which Notah noted that there were rumors that Abalach-Re had a life shaped building called the Sanctum that combined life shaping with defiler magics. Notah advised against using the strange life shaped magics as they seemed to be made for kreen. The halfing agreed to ask around for hard details about the Sanctum.

After leaving the halfling the two unscrupulous beings found a drunkard and grafted one of the life shaped creatures to his hand, which turned his fingers into long claws. Returning back to the M’Ke compound where they were staying they decided to graft the two weapon life shaped items to Arom. Bad idea, the grafts proceeded to make Arom’s hands into scythe-like weapons. Before they could complete the process Andor killed the creatures and dug them out of Arom’s arms/hands with much pain, after which he healed the M’ke agent. It took the better part of a day for Arom to regain consciousness.

Half-Giant rescue and life shaping abominations

As Arom awoke from his ordeal Andor and he spoke of what happened when Arom used the odd life shaped items and why.

Meanwhile Terzek came to, from a nightmare in a room of stone with rusted metal grates over the windows in the company of an elf of the 30. They recognized each other from the strange dreams and determined to leave this prison. Terzek easily broke the rusted iron bars and escaped into the courtyard of an ancient keep with crumbling walls. The keep was within the mountains as peaks could be seen in every direction.

Even though the walls were crumbling the main building was intact and the two decided to search it. Inside they found most of it ancient and dusty, but one room was in better condition and held a bed and a table. Upon the table were various crystals of differing sizes. Ni’Ru, the elf, examined the crystals and determined them to be psionic focus items. Just then they heard a curse behind them to see a human sized being, wrapped in desert wear, it’s face hidden.

Within the eyes of a being they felt the intense burning of its Will and before long they felt it’s mastery of the Way as they blacked out and awoke in the filthy streets of Raam.

Meanwhile Andor sleeps as he’d been up all night watching over Arom as he healed. In order to not disturb him, Arom wandered the grounds of the M’Ke compound and after some time came upon his friend, Grog, a half-giant caravan guard in a sullen mood. Apparen’ty Grog’s lady friend Fara had been kidnapped and with the information that Arom had declared he would go and rescue Fara immediately. With a few words from Arom, Grog decided against that plan of action.

It was decided to talk about the recent happenings in private so they found a secluded spot that would fit half-giants and talked. Arom went and got Andor and information from the past couple of days was shared.

It was decided to investigate Nawab Urdun-Mor’s estate in hopes of finding the missing half-giants and search out ties to these odd life shaped items. Between Arom and Andor they had a good map of the interior of the small fortress. Terzek volunteered to get captured in order to get inside since he would not be able to sneak in like the rest of the group. The rest of the group would sneak in or bluff their way past the guards.

The plan worked, Terzek was captured outside of the fortress, Andor used magic to spider climb over the walls, Ni’Ru and Arom disguise themselves as the nawab’s guards and all made it into the fortress with no problems.

Terzek was taken by the guards, into the fotress and further, into the “barn”, then down a concealed set of stairs into the side of the mountain, where he was offered food and left in a room. The rest of the party sneaked in, in their various ways and found themselves at the barn, the only place half-giants would fit in the compound.

Inside the barn there were a couple of guard, which Arom duped into leaving by saying they were their relief. The guards left and before too long Arom, Andor, & Ni’Ru found clues, left by Terzek about the concealed staircase.

Below, Terzek waited for some time then more guards showed up to take him somehwere else, following the guard they took him to a larger room, this one filled with a combination of 12 adult female half-giants and half-giant children.

Just as the guards were forcing Terzek into “chains” the rest of the party showed up and again began taking charge as if they belonged, however, in the midst of commands the party attacked the guards and before long they were taken down.

The party freed the half-giants and noticing that there weren’t any of the males inquired with the other half-giants. One young female told the party that further down the hall the males were kept in individual cages.

The half-giants were told to stay there as the party went to search for the other half-giants. Down the corridor they found a METAL door that was locked. They knocked on the door, explaining that they had a prisoner. The door was opened and within there were 3 guards and a man in priests robes along with two rows of iron cages, within the cages were several half giant males and some odd carapaced humanoid insectoid creature that stoop upright and had mandibles, the priest stood before the cell of this creature.

The jig was up before too long and the guards engaged with the priest who was attempting to open the cell of the carapaced creature. Ni’Ru and another of the party members tried to stop the priest with ranged weapons and magic, to no avail. In the midst of casting his spell Ni’Ru recognized the priest as Kestra’da, his mentor, who he thought was dead. Kestra’da

Sowing discord in Raam, then off to Nibenay


  • We’re in Raam
  • We put a couple lifeshapes onto one of Urdan Mor’s men, he went nuts
  • We Met Jotano
  • Arom has a package for Lohit, a templar of the Shadow King in Nibenay – she will pay me
    the box is ornate, with carved bone hinges and a bone lock. Arom has been warned not to open it.
  • We’re getting paid 1C per day to ride witih this caravan – and now we’re off to Nibenay!
  • Fought some Hook Horrors.
On to road to Nibenay & Fort Isis


  • On the road to Nibenay in a fast-moving Wavir caravan, led by Netraj
  • Turzek disappears mid-confrontation about the lifeshapes, Garnath appears in his stead
  • A silt storm kicks up, we are separated from the caravan and they disappear into the storm
  • We avoided some silt runners only to run into a pack of Thri-Kreen. Arom misidentifies them as mutants and leads an attack. He was wrong, but it turns out they were jackass marauders anyway.
  • We make it to Fort Isis
  • Arom’s friend Corla mentions a large pack of kreen have been harrying caravans, our trouncing of a few of them earns us favor and a reward:
  • Corla gives us an ornate scroll case with 4 sheets in it
    some sheets appear to be spells, others encoded messages or notes
    all are in elven script, and the case looks to be of elven manufacture
  • Arom received the gift and handed it to Ni’Ru to examine.
  • Travelled from Fort Isus,
  • Approached the gates of a Nibenese fort before the city.
The Kreen Invasion
Halarel speaks

It is the 30th day of the cycle

We are approaching a gate outside outside a fort en route to Nibenay
We Black out!

  • We wake up on a cold stone floor
  • We hear claws on metal or glass
  • A man summoned us to his home in the manner we are normally teleported
  • Doglike creatures Arom has previously seen in the underground chamber in the mountains are poised to leap through a window
  • A giant black Kreen-like creature like the one we fought in the underground chamber in the mountain smashes its way into the room
  • The man is barely conscious, then blacks out and the creatures attack
  • We took a beating but we prevailed. However, the giant Kreen escaped with the unconscious man
  • We search the house and outbuildings

We find several psionic crystals, one of which is some sort of intelligent recorder

  • Recording crystal is named Hal
  • Hal has been around for 17,000 years!
  • Hal tells us that the black Kreen are Zik’Trin , horribly modified Kreen intent upon invading the Tablelands
  • Zik’Trin control cities in the northwest in the Crimson Savannah
  • Hal was created by Oshar Motan to record the events of a war 17,000 years ago
  • The war was perpetrated by the beings we now call the Sorcerer Kings against all races
  • Most recent owner of Hal is [[Halorel Ok’Bloodwell]]
  • Ok’ prefix denotes “from”
  • Bloodwell is not a place we’ve ever heard of
  • Sorcerer Kings served Rajaat, the first sorcerer
  • Hal has had 5455 owners in the past 17,000 years
  • Hal tells us of the Cleansing Wars in more detail

We search the compound more

  • We find that [[Ni’Ru]] has been here before, imprisoned
  • We find some healing crystals and an ointment (Keoghtom’s Ointment)

Day 2.
We leave the house and track the giant Kreen through the treacherous mountains

  • We find spots where they’ve stopped and even some human blood
  • We eventually lose the trail and hole up for the night

Day 3

  • We wake up frosty
  • We come to a vista where we peer west over a forest that stretches as far as the eye can see!
  • We travel down from the high mountains into the forest over the next days, we even have time to bathe (not together)

We eventually enter a forest and are surrounded by life

  • Some of that life is a giant sloth splashing around in the water down a stream
  • We try to avoid the creature only to run into its hungry mate
  • We fight but it hurts
  • We take a couple sloth steaks before a giant 8-legged cat creature with horns claims the carcasses

Back on the trail of the Zik’Trin

  • Trail ends at the mouth of a cave
  • We look in and are attacked by more of the doglike creatures like those we faced at the house
  • We ask the crystal if Zik’Trin have any known weaknesses, it tells us The Smoke of the Ranike Tree highly irritates them

We enter the cave!

  • We see dim light inside a bit, some sort of organic globs stuck to the wall emit light
  • Around a bend, we see the giant Zik’Trin sitting in a pod while a smaller one with a staff concentrates on a human sitting on one of the draining tables we’ve seen before.
  • Of course we attack
  • The smaller Zik’Trin goes down with one well-placed rapier blow from [[Arom-tinz}Arom]]’s sneak attack
  • We fight the big Zik’Trin and at various stages of the battle we all go down into death saves
  • Jotano puts the hurt on the creature but it was [[Ni’Ru]]’s mage hand delivering a large vial of acid to the creature’s face from a shelf behind Arom that delivers the final blow.
  • We search and find some green life shapes and the smaller Zik’Trin ’s staff
  • We rescue Halorel and bolt

Day 4

  • Ni’Ru is probed by the Way, but the invader retreats when confronted
  • Halorel eventually wakes up and has some splaining to do
  • There were originally 40-50 of us in this group he’s been summoning
  • He is transporting us across the Tablelands using The Way, through a realm called The Grey
  • We can travel more easily through the Grey, which is the sole reason we have been chosen
  • We were chosen to help prevent millions of Zik’Trin and their slave Kreen masses from invading the Tablelands
  • The smaller of the Zik’Trin are called just that
  • The bigger are called Zik’Trin’ak
  • Many other tribes of Kreen are the slaves of these
  • Halorel wants us to go to their city and kill their Priests of Change, the source of this corruption
  • Halorel has warned the Sorcerer Kings via back channels but they do nothing
  • He is upset to learn that some Sorcerer Kings might be colluding with the Zik’Trin
  • The method used to corrupt the Kreen is called Life-Bending
  • This magic was created by the halflings of the Jagged Cliff
  • He says the green life shapes we found are the uncorrupted kind
  • Halorel says the Priests of Change are the source of our nightmares, not him.

Halorel Summons us all into The Grey, takes the crystal Hal back from [[Ni’Ru]], and rockets us over the countryside, over Tyr, over a tribe of elves and even a couple caravans to deposit us in the fields just outside Nibenay

Nibenay AOK
The group arrives at Nibenay

It is the 32nd day of the Quinth


  • We modified healing, initiative, and introduced the concept of Renown


  • Arom and Jotano are outside Nibenay
  • Garnath and Andor have made it to Nibenay, but got separated quickly
  • Andor leaves a message for Arom with Tallum Usel, the man that runs the Wavir Emporium in Nibenay
  • Garnath runs in and out of the city, confused and alone
  • Andor traipses off to the woods ad meets a feral druid that mentions the vacant lair of a defiler nearby, containing a Tree of Life
  • It is the time of the Festival of Flowers in Nibenay, and a recent rain has left the city ablaze with color. People from all over the Tablelands are here.
  • Arom and Jotano visit the Wavir Emporium and leave a message with Tallum that they are lodging at the Prancing Kank
  • Jotano investigates the upcoming gladiatorial games, and finds Garnath in the process. The two discuss training to enter the tourney.
  • Andor receives Arom’s message about the Prancing Kank and meets the rest of the team there.
  • Arom and Jotano recount the tale of the last several days, but do not know what happened to Ni’Ru.
  • Andor gives Arom a dormant, corrupted secreter life shape for use in convincing people of the imminent doom.
  • Arom gives Andor the life shapes found in the cave with the Zik’Trin. He explains their use to the assembled in the private room in which the conversation is being held.

33rd day of the Quinth

  • Andor seeks an elven weapon craftsman to trade a bundle of blue agafari sticks with in exchange for daggers for the group.
  • Jotano and Garnath spar vigorously in a park,
  • Arom delivers Rogil’s package to Lohit the templar, it glows when the box is opened!
  • Arom mentions the corruption in Raam to the templar, and upon being threatened with the blame, offers false contact information and leaves.
  • Arom bribes Tallum at the Wavir Emporium to maintain the misdirection
  • Jotano goes in search of some sweet tang, returns with a pretty half-elf named Krysta
  • Krysta recites the names of favored gladiators in the upcoming games, but admits she does not pay close attention:
  • Narfel the Annihilator
  • Quaggo the Quick
    *A couple famous matched pairs <insert>
  • Jotano and Garnath decide their gladiatorial team name will be Bone & Stone. “Bone & Stone are here, things are about to change!”
  • We go off into the nearby woods in search of the defiler’s lair previously mentioned by the druid
  • We come upon a kirrei that ambushes us. It’s a lightning-fast fight and everyone was super brave ಠ_ಠ – we are victorious!
  • We make camp nearby and feast upon kiri steaks. As we doze a figure appears in the middle of our campsite!

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