Raamish Nightmares

The Kreen Invasion

Halarel speaks

It is the 30th day of the cycle

We are approaching a gate outside outside a fort en route to Nibenay
We Black out!

  • We wake up on a cold stone floor
  • We hear claws on metal or glass
  • A man summoned us to his home in the manner we are normally teleported
  • Doglike creatures Arom has previously seen in the underground chamber in the mountains are poised to leap through a window
  • A giant black Kreen-like creature like the one we fought in the underground chamber in the mountain smashes its way into the room
  • The man is barely conscious, then blacks out and the creatures attack
  • We took a beating but we prevailed. However, the giant Kreen escaped with the unconscious man
  • We search the house and outbuildings

We find several psionic crystals, one of which is some sort of intelligent recorder

  • Recording crystal is named Hal
  • Hal has been around for 17,000 years!
  • Hal tells us that the black Kreen are Zik’Trin , horribly modified Kreen intent upon invading the Tablelands
  • Zik’Trin control cities in the northwest in the Crimson Savannah
  • Hal was created by Oshar Motan to record the events of a war 17,000 years ago
  • The war was perpetrated by the beings we now call the Sorcerer Kings against all races
  • Most recent owner of Hal is [[Halorel Ok’Bloodwell]]
  • Ok’ prefix denotes “from”
  • Bloodwell is not a place we’ve ever heard of
  • Sorcerer Kings served Rajaat, the first sorcerer
  • Hal has had 5455 owners in the past 17,000 years
  • Hal tells us of the Cleansing Wars in more detail

We search the compound more

  • We find that [[Ni’Ru]] has been here before, imprisoned
  • We find some healing crystals and an ointment (Keoghtom’s Ointment)

Day 2.
We leave the house and track the giant Kreen through the treacherous mountains

  • We find spots where they’ve stopped and even some human blood
  • We eventually lose the trail and hole up for the night

Day 3

  • We wake up frosty
  • We come to a vista where we peer west over a forest that stretches as far as the eye can see!
  • We travel down from the high mountains into the forest over the next days, we even have time to bathe (not together)

We eventually enter a forest and are surrounded by life

  • Some of that life is a giant sloth splashing around in the water down a stream
  • We try to avoid the creature only to run into its hungry mate
  • We fight but it hurts
  • We take a couple sloth steaks before a giant 8-legged cat creature with horns claims the carcasses

Back on the trail of the Zik’Trin

  • Trail ends at the mouth of a cave
  • We look in and are attacked by more of the doglike creatures like those we faced at the house
  • We ask the crystal if Zik’Trin have any known weaknesses, it tells us The Smoke of the Ranike Tree highly irritates them

We enter the cave!

  • We see dim light inside a bit, some sort of organic globs stuck to the wall emit light
  • Around a bend, we see the giant Zik’Trin sitting in a pod while a smaller one with a staff concentrates on a human sitting on one of the draining tables we’ve seen before.
  • Of course we attack
  • The smaller Zik’Trin goes down with one well-placed rapier blow from [[Arom-tinz}Arom]]’s sneak attack
  • We fight the big Zik’Trin and at various stages of the battle we all go down into death saves
  • Jotano puts the hurt on the creature but it was [[Ni’Ru]]’s mage hand delivering a large vial of acid to the creature’s face from a shelf behind Arom that delivers the final blow.
  • We search and find some green life shapes and the smaller Zik’Trin ’s staff
  • We rescue Halorel and bolt

Day 4

  • Ni’Ru is probed by the Way, but the invader retreats when confronted
  • Halorel eventually wakes up and has some splaining to do
  • There were originally 40-50 of us in this group he’s been summoning
  • He is transporting us across the Tablelands using The Way, through a realm called The Grey
  • We can travel more easily through the Grey, which is the sole reason we have been chosen
  • We were chosen to help prevent millions of Zik’Trin and their slave Kreen masses from invading the Tablelands
  • The smaller of the Zik’Trin are called just that
  • The bigger are called Zik’Trin’ak
  • Many other tribes of Kreen are the slaves of these
  • Halorel wants us to go to their city and kill their Priests of Change, the source of this corruption
  • Halorel has warned the Sorcerer Kings via back channels but they do nothing
  • He is upset to learn that some Sorcerer Kings might be colluding with the Zik’Trin
  • The method used to corrupt the Kreen is called Life-Bending
  • This magic was created by the halflings of the Jagged Cliff
  • He says the green life shapes we found are the uncorrupted kind
  • Halorel says the Priests of Change are the source of our nightmares, not him.

Halorel Summons us all into The Grey, takes the crystal Hal back from [[Ni’Ru]], and rockets us over the countryside, over Tyr, over a tribe of elves and even a couple caravans to deposit us in the fields just outside Nibenay


Raddu Raddu

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