Raamish Nightmares

Maraxes, Lord of Dhakara

Corruption of Life

As the party waited for the Lord of Dhakara to return to his “court” three of their number faded into nothingness. Figuring they had some time the remaining two member, Arom and Andor went outside to catch the breeze.

There they spoke of their plans and purpose for being here without Kwasi around. They decided to talk to Maraxes anyway to find out about the half-giants. The two were interuppted by Nesa, a Villichi envoy who sought out one of her own kind. She seemed to think the other members of the groups party might know something.

The Lord returned and the seneschal asked who desired to pay homage to the lord. After watching one regular pay homage, Arom followed suite on behalf of House M’ke, offering a bolt of silk to the lord. Arom spoke of the missing half-giants in front of the court. Maraxes went on about his loyalty to the queen and her foresight and wisdom, although it was not hard to determine he was being sarcastic. Maraxes changed the subject and the audience was soon over.

While they waited through more display’s of homage, they saw a small crowd around a particularly striking half-elf they later learned was named Kurt’Ta’All. This Fire Cleric told a story augmented by dancing flames as he revealed the death of his tribe at the hands of a maligned undead creature and his eventual rise and rebirth as a Fire Cleric. He said he still sought this found undead creature and sought to destroy it. The party said they would be on the lookout.

Once the formalities were over Maraxes wandered the hall and motioned for Arom and Andor to meet him outside, which they did. There they were introduced to Indraneel, a preist of many gods and sage. In the conversation they learned that a dwarf Nawab by the name of Urdun-Mor could be involved as he controls the arena, if the half-giants were to be used in the arena or need to be trained, he would know and his fortified compound was on the other side of Badnas Heart from the city. Secondly after divulging what they had seen in the living building they learned that Abalach-Re was rumored to have a similar building, where was unknown. Maraxes promised to dig up more information on the half-giants.

Before leaving they spoke with Nesa, the Villichi again. She said she knew of powers that would allow people to teleport long distances and through dreams, but had no experience with them. She said the Villichi Head-Mistress would know, but that the groups would likely not be able to meet her, although did not say why.

After returning to the city and putting on more suitable desert clothes the two decided to investigate Urdun-Mor’s compound. As they wandered through the city they avoided roving bands loyal to different Nawabs that fought openly in the streets. On their way out they came upon the Forest Leaf and decided to find Notah. They spoke with the halfling briefly agreeing to meet later to show him the odd life shaped items the had and set a meet.

Finally making it to Urdun-Mor’s compound Arom and Andor thought of ways to see inside. After a small fiasco involving the spider climb spell and acting as the agent of senior-templar
Gogh-En they were able to see inside and get a good layout of the compound for later use.

Returnig to the city they met with Notah at Cherlimbe’s apartment, which was well appointed for a simple herb merchant. Notah told them how odd the life shaped items were after looking at them. Andor mentioned their strange dreams and the odd kreen and other details, after which Notah noted that there were rumors that Abalach-Re had a life shaped building called the Sanctum that combined life shaping with defiler magics. Notah advised against using the strange life shaped magics as they seemed to be made for kreen. The halfing agreed to ask around for hard details about the Sanctum.

After leaving the halfling the two unscrupulous beings found a drunkard and grafted one of the life shaped creatures to his hand, which turned his fingers into long claws. Returning back to the M’Ke compound where they were staying they decided to graft the two weapon life shaped items to Arom. Bad idea, the grafts proceeded to make Arom’s hands into scythe-like weapons. Before they could complete the process Andor killed the creatures and dug them out of Arom’s arms/hands with much pain, after which he healed the M’ke agent. It took the better part of a day for Arom to regain consciousness.


What, it’s unscrupulous to give a drunkard a hand now? What has Raam come to?

Maraxes, Lord of Dhakara
Raddu Raddu

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