Raamish Nightmares

Half-Giant rescue and life shaping abominations

As Arom awoke from his ordeal Andor and he spoke of what happened when Arom used the odd life shaped items and why.

Meanwhile Terzek came to, from a nightmare in a room of stone with rusted metal grates over the windows in the company of an elf of the 30. They recognized each other from the strange dreams and determined to leave this prison. Terzek easily broke the rusted iron bars and escaped into the courtyard of an ancient keep with crumbling walls. The keep was within the mountains as peaks could be seen in every direction.

Even though the walls were crumbling the main building was intact and the two decided to search it. Inside they found most of it ancient and dusty, but one room was in better condition and held a bed and a table. Upon the table were various crystals of differing sizes. Ni’Ru, the elf, examined the crystals and determined them to be psionic focus items. Just then they heard a curse behind them to see a human sized being, wrapped in desert wear, it’s face hidden.

Within the eyes of a being they felt the intense burning of its Will and before long they felt it’s mastery of the Way as they blacked out and awoke in the filthy streets of Raam.

Meanwhile Andor sleeps as he’d been up all night watching over Arom as he healed. In order to not disturb him, Arom wandered the grounds of the M’Ke compound and after some time came upon his friend, Grog, a half-giant caravan guard in a sullen mood. Apparen’ty Grog’s lady friend Fara had been kidnapped and with the information that Arom had declared he would go and rescue Fara immediately. With a few words from Arom, Grog decided against that plan of action.

It was decided to talk about the recent happenings in private so they found a secluded spot that would fit half-giants and talked. Arom went and got Andor and information from the past couple of days was shared.

It was decided to investigate Nawab Urdun-Mor’s estate in hopes of finding the missing half-giants and search out ties to these odd life shaped items. Between Arom and Andor they had a good map of the interior of the small fortress. Terzek volunteered to get captured in order to get inside since he would not be able to sneak in like the rest of the group. The rest of the group would sneak in or bluff their way past the guards.

The plan worked, Terzek was captured outside of the fortress, Andor used magic to spider climb over the walls, Ni’Ru and Arom disguise themselves as the nawab’s guards and all made it into the fortress with no problems.

Terzek was taken by the guards, into the fotress and further, into the “barn”, then down a concealed set of stairs into the side of the mountain, where he was offered food and left in a room. The rest of the party sneaked in, in their various ways and found themselves at the barn, the only place half-giants would fit in the compound.

Inside the barn there were a couple of guard, which Arom duped into leaving by saying they were their relief. The guards left and before too long Arom, Andor, & Ni’Ru found clues, left by Terzek about the concealed staircase.

Below, Terzek waited for some time then more guards showed up to take him somehwere else, following the guard they took him to a larger room, this one filled with a combination of 12 adult female half-giants and half-giant children.

Just as the guards were forcing Terzek into “chains” the rest of the party showed up and again began taking charge as if they belonged, however, in the midst of commands the party attacked the guards and before long they were taken down.

The party freed the half-giants and noticing that there weren’t any of the males inquired with the other half-giants. One young female told the party that further down the hall the males were kept in individual cages.

The half-giants were told to stay there as the party went to search for the other half-giants. Down the corridor they found a METAL door that was locked. They knocked on the door, explaining that they had a prisoner. The door was opened and within there were 3 guards and a man in priests robes along with two rows of iron cages, within the cages were several half giant males and some odd carapaced humanoid insectoid creature that stoop upright and had mandibles, the priest stood before the cell of this creature.

The jig was up before too long and the guards engaged with the priest who was attempting to open the cell of the carapaced creature. Ni’Ru and another of the party members tried to stop the priest with ranged weapons and magic, to no avail. In the midst of casting his spell Ni’Ru recognized the priest as Kestra’da, his mentor, who he thought was dead. Kestra’da


Raddu Raddu

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