Raamish Nightmares

Brutality in the Desert

Session, February 2nd 2015

It is the 36th day of the Quinth.

We are in Nibenay

  • We discuss our options to get ourselves to Tyr quickly
  • We visit Tallum of Wavir at their compound, but all the traders are out enjoying the festivities
  • We make an educated guess as to which tavern a wealthy trader might frequent, and get a table with a little snobbery thrown at us
  • Out stinging retorts almost cause trouble until the templar Lohit approaches us to petition us for a job t
  • Lohit takes us to the Nebraskanomicon to get details of the deal
  • The templar Asparra wants us to deliver a package to Tyr, in 5 days, for a great deal of silver – it’s a 260 mile journey through rough, dangerous terrain
  • We take the job and a quarter up front, then get provisions and kanks from the stables
  • Asparra gives us a finely-crafted backpack that’s lightweight and seems to be stuffed with fabric which we are to give to Bedir, and elfish-looking human at the Elven Bridge in Tyr
  • We are told that if we are more than 3 days overdue, don’t bother showing up
  • In an effort to make good time, we head out immediately into the night

It is the 37th day of the Quinth

  • Niak agrees to lead us through the forest to save us time
  • Niak leaves us at the edge of the forest, where Garnath finds a splendid camping spot with a spring
  • Andor, Garnath and Jotano practice group battle formations, Ni’Ru reluctantly watches and * * Arom practices hiding in the dark with his eyes closed
  • We rest and then set out and hour before dusk, and before long we are within sight of a path leading up to a small fort guarding Bremmel Pass
  • We ascend and quickly pass through the fort, noting that it is poorly-defended and contains only a single, disgruntled templar
  • We descend the other side of the pass and enter into the Black Sands

It is the 38th day of the Quinth

  • The kanks make excellent time on the rough terrain at the outskirts, and make it to the heart of the Black Sands before we must make camp
  • Garnath finds a depression in the sand in which we can take shelter for the day
  • We push on again in the early evening after the day cools, which takes longer here

It is the 39th day of the Quinth

  • We lose a kank to exhaustion but we push hard and make it to Silver Spring
  • Tormund and Arom parlay, and after some good-natured but sharp verbal jabs, a deal is struck for fresh kanks
  • We leave Silver Spring – not in flames this time
  • We ride hard, then rest for a while before continuing
  • We come upon a giant cleft, The Canyon of Guthay, with a stone bridge that spans it
    In front of the bridge, two enormous creatures are locked in mortal combat
  • One creature is a snakelike creature with a dozen legs, and it is coiled around a giant spider-like humanoid
  • The spider creature calls a pack of giant spiders to aid it, and there are webs shooting every which way
  • We decide to engage the creatures to get across the bridge, thinking we could help speed up the battle. And we do, despite Jotano’s bad feeling about it.
  • Ni’Ru casts his first fireball and obliterates a couple of the spiders and seriously injures the giant combatants
  • Andor casts his first Lightning bolt and finishes off the spider-humanoid, but the other creature seems to absorb the energy, heal, and direct the bolt back at the group. It hits with terrible accuracy and drops both Jotano and Andor in a single hit
  • Garnath charges the creature while Arom and Ni’Ru attend to the dying
  • The creature streaks forward and drops Garnath with ease, but fails to swallow him whole and spits him out
  • Ni’Ru and Arom look each other in the eyes, and together they run for their lives across the bridge.
  • The creature lifts Jotano into the air and swallows him whole
  • The creature then chases the kanks and Ni’Ru and Arom dart back to recover Andor and Garnath, the latter of which is barely awake
  • The battered survivors carry on, limping and sullen
  • Ni’Ru offers to run ahead with the package, but Arom convinces him that sticking together is the smart plan now

It is the 40th day of the Quinth

  • We make it to Fort Sconse


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